Endless Curse – Slave Breeding Industry

This German three piece was formed in 2009 in Swabia, Southern Germany. They describe their music as “merciless death metal combined with vigorous hardcore-riffs and a small black metal touch”. Having released the 3-track EP “Upheaval” in 2012 they now have released a 7 track album. Playing time is 29 minutes, so short and powerfull as it should be in brutal music.

Personally I can hardly hear the black metal elements, there is perhaps a riff here and there with non-muted powerchord fastpicking, but there the tonal sequences sound to open and happy to be considered as black metal. There are some screams and Dimmu Borgir like “talk vocals” but that’s it. The death metal and hardcore elements are certainly there.

To me, their music sounds like a cross between Aborted and Benighted, soundwise as well as the way the songs are composed. Brutal and very straightforward, played as tight as fuck. So pretty nice stuff. The only problem that I have is that their music is perhaps a bit too straightforward and therefore too predictable. Everything is there, but the songs are just a tad too much middle of the road modern death metal too be memorable. That being said it is brutal as fuck and nicely executed.

As the scene today is overflooded with bands that don’t have they act together when it comes to tightness, and Endless Curse have everyting. Deutsche gründliche death metal!

  1. We Lived In Chains
  2. Get Free
  3. Boiling Blood
  4. Listen
  5. I'm Too Old
  6. Breathe Greed
  7. False Flag

Self released
Reviewer: N.Ottink
Jan 27, 2017

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