Endless Void - Apparitions

With a band title like Endless Void and such limited information on the group, one might expect to hear some astral Depressive Black Metal that likes to stay as mystical as possible. The big surprise? It isn't! Listeners might be pleased to know that Endless Void is more of a mix of classic Doom (Black Sabbath era) and Hard Rock which creates a churning, mid paced atmosphere that crunches along with a fuzzy sound but sounds fresh and catchy. There isn't too much as far as technical glory or industrial touches to make the music avant-garde; this goes straight back to the 80s days. The group is comprised of James Owen who pretty much performs everything here, so the basic format of the music can easily be forgiven. The guitars are obviously the strong suit as they keep up a repetitve rhythm over and over on "Track 3" but the simplicity is very much akin to a style in Groove or Hardcore Metal with less aggressive vocals. The vocals actually sound almost laid back in their flat tones but still accomplish delivering an enjoyable Rock oriented tune. Of course, for those who are used to a more modern, varied sound may find the vocals and rhythms a bit boring as they stick to the same format over and over.

It isn't until "Track 4" that things suddenly shift. For one, the guitar sounds much grittier and heavier with more reverb, and even the vocals have more reverb to them to give off an echo which somehow makes them more powerful and not entirely bored with the song. This is perhaps the biggest issue fans will have with the album is the tone quality of the vocals: they don't sound very passionate. While Stoner or Doom Metal/ Rock fans will completely understand the rather faded out and laid back attitude of the music, those who enjoy Death or Black Metal may find the entire atmosphere a bit too calm for their tastes. But, one cannot deny the crunching rhythms have some Metal traces to them that echo early groups like Metallica- especially during some of the drum sections. Owen even tosses in some synth on "Track 4" to mix things up a but, and it helps add some psychedelic elements to bring the music out of its 'generic' shell. Sadly, this EP/ mini demo is only four tracks long and very short- clocking slightly over 20 minutes. Still, for those who are more into the hybrid Rock and Metal kind of music that won't be in your face but rather just glides along with simplicity, then Endless Void might be quite enjoyable to check out.

Contact James Owen: crazeartjames@yahoo.com

  1. R.I.P./March Of The Dead
  2. Spiritualistic Medium
  3. Bereaved
  4. Apparitions And The Undertaker

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 12, 2013

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