Enfeeble – Encapsulate This Moment

Enfeeble is a melodic metalcore band formed in 2005 in the land of Lingen, Germany.  Classified as ‘melodic death metal’ on some websites, I hear none of that on this eccentric release. Metalcore is more the groove with snippets of death metal vocals on this one as it seesaws back and forth between techno-metal and pop punk grooves.

Each song on "Encapsulate This Moment" is unique as the tracks flip all over a broad spectrum of tempo. Track Seven, 'The Last Night Before' sounds like a gangsta hip-hop intro with a computerized, retard beat.  I waited for the rap lyrics, because I was sure some dude was going to start preaching about his hard life in the badass streets of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but that never came.

'Agony Revenge' begins like an old century folk song (imagine Vikings sitting around a tree drinking Mead after a good pillage) and goes into this sort of thrash metal/scream gig that is consistent until the chorus.

As a vocalist, a person must know what their range is – if they are a better screamer, growler or actual singer – and the vocalist nails every song until he sings. He has great chops for growling and screaming, but the singing aspect of his voice is not conducive to the type of music this band is trying to convey.

The string and percussion instruments on this album are tight.  When the singer figures out what type of vocals he needs to make their next album pop, this band will be well on their way to bigger things.

1. Intro
2. Shock Me
3. Personage Collapse
4. Flashedever
5. Cavity Door
6. Cries
7. The Last Night Before
8. Reality Loss
9. Agony Revenge
10. The Creation
11. A Million Voices
12. False Faith
13. As We Were Like Shadows

Self released
Reviewer: Darlene Steelman
Jun 21, 2014
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