Engaged In Mutilating - Population: Zero

Crawling out of the dark dungeons of San Antonio, Texas, Engaged In Mutilating is a brutal union of members of Putrilage, Exulcerate and a few other acts. “Population: Zero” is the bands first full length release and also the follow-up to a self-released demo entitled “The Process Of Human Extinction”.

After reading these titles, it should be crystal clear Engaged In Mutilating is not another weak Sleaze Rock band, but a serious Brutal Death Metal collective. The tracks on this offering are bursting of high speed shredding and technical variations, but unfortunately the string work isn´t too memorable. The drums are blasting their way through your eyes and the very few breakdowns are in short supply. In my opinion, some more slamming parts would have been more entertaining and varied. The bands vocalist vomits his messages about death, gore and personal issues in a nice and guttural way and enhances “Population: Zero” in its own manner. The sound quality is ok, but it also could have been more powerful and devastating to leave a lasting impact. As a hidden bonus track you´ll get “Out Of The Body”, the all-time classic of the Dutch Death Metal powerhouse Pestilence, which is well executed as well as an interesting addition and a cool way to close this release. It also shows the solidarity with the early purveyors of technical extremity.

“Population: Zero” clcoks in with about 55 minutes of total playing time and surely has its moments. Fans of Suffocation or Sepsism should give this band a try, but regrettably the lack of memorable parts is like a spot of bother to this CD. Nevertheless it´s brutal as fuck and I´m sure we´ll hear some more Engaged In Mutilating stuff in the future.

  1. Steady Decline To Population Zero

  2. Process of Human Extinction

  3. Engaged In Self Mutilating Behavior

  4. Sphere Of Deception

  5. Perverse Influx

  6. Metamorphosis

  7. Carnal Decrepitude

  8. Defiled Existence

  9. Reversion Of Perversion

  10. Transcending Dissolution

  11. Predominant Illusions Of Insanity

Comatose Music
Reviewer: Alex
May 5, 2010

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