Enoid - Dodssyklus

All hail this one entity band known as Enoid. BORNYHAKE does it all in this Original Black Metal project from Switzerland. And when I say original I mean original. Taking Black Metal back to its primordial roots, honoring in sound where it came from and the bands that forged it. Blistering guitars and drums and eerie soundscapes enthral you into the blackest of domains. If you like real Black Metal, Mayehm, Bruzum, all that good stuff... buy this record. You wont be disappointed. Again this is comming from a guy who doesnt whole heartedly embrace the Black Metal scene, but I really dig this fucking record, and the bands I mentioined above.

1. Ortni
2. Edicius
3. Ecnarffuos
4. Edulretni
5. Trom
6. Noitcurtsed
7. Dlrow Eht Kcuf
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Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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