Entera - The Pit Is Ours

Many people say there are no more originals. Mostly this statement is true even but there are exceptions. Exceptions like Entera from Nuremberg/Germany. A band that exists around band founder Carsten since 1990 in the underground and there is no reason why they had been no real breakthrough. 2015 have Entera thrown a new ep called "The Pit Is Ours" to the market. You can hear in around 12 minutes, 4 songs best thrash metal which which hits you in the face. Already the first song "The Pit Is Ours" leaves nothing to be desired. Pure real Old-school Thrash Metal. Quick and clean beats played with some ideas enriched, which make the song interesting and varied. Still not a fashionable frills but clear Thrash Metal as it should be. The whole in a classic Thrash Metal sound. A sound, only bands of the 90s can fix, such as Destruction and Annihilator. The ep continues with "I Hate". The song is expected to be live a real hit. This is the right song to push a pit into a flowing unstoppable Lava. Especially because of the song invites you to sing along at the right moment and the pace attracts around then back at just the right time to slow down. This is called well excellent songwriting. After this song, the amount needed then a little break and so can the third song "Cheating" is also something quieter. However, not too long time. It is precisely "Cheating" has long parts where you let his mane flying properly or which can romp a lot right. Last one gets then again a really fast song around the ears hewn "Wednesday Is Fleshday". And so martial as the title is then also the song, which knows no mercy and Entera show all their musicianship. "Wednesday Is Fleshday" tears easily with what comes in the way and has, like the other songs, parts where the pit can sing. This is probably the most powerful tool of the band. The right amount to enough people who know the songs of Entera and Live breaks a really big party going on that just sets the mood, yet has real Thrash Metal hardness. All in all, Entera have shown with this EP once again that Entera are able to produce a great real Old-School Thrash Metal of the highest quality which makes mood. Unfortunately, the EP is only too short, and one can only hope soon to hear from Entera again.

  1. The Pit Is Ours
  2. I Hate
  4. On Wednesday Is The Flesh Day

Self released
Reviewer: Rolf
Jun 13, 2015

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