Enthean - Priests Of Annihilation

From South Carolina come the band Enthean with their debut full-length entitled “Priests Of Annihilation”. For an independent release, this is one hell of a monster. By blending technical elements of death metal and black metal, these guys have created what I think will be the release that will get them the notoriety, and possibly a label deal, that they deserve. I wouldn’t say this is the most evil sounding or destructive albums that I have heard, but I will say that, concerning the combination of genres, this is one of the most passionate sounding. I love music that can evoke emotions and that’s exactly what this release does.

Musically this album continues to build upon itself note after note and track after track. There is a fine line between death and black metal style riffing that is noticeable in parts while masked in others but always thick with production and full of passion as they chug along. Very nice solo work placed in just the right spots in this material for maximum effect. If you listen close you might even be able to pick up on a slight progressive vibe, but it’s only from a technical aspect and just enough to give the music a small boost where needed. As if it needed it at all! The drumming on this CD is where you pick up a really big part of the black metal style of the band, however, there is also a traditional death metal style underneath the technical aspect of the riffs. Sometimes the both, together can sound like a monster from hell, and at other times they can sound quite tranquil and almost ethereal. Especially when you through a solo into the mix. I really like the production on this release. It’s pretty damn good considering it is an independent release. If anything is lacking on this release, I sure can’t tell. Everything seems on the right levels as far as the mixing goes, and that includes the recording volume. I know some independent releases might have a muffled production on them, and sometimes it even works to the band’s advantage, but Enthean’s production here is as good as it gets for independent releases. Think of Dimmu Borgir mixed with Vader and Vital Remains, with a little Morbid Angel thrown in. After that soaks in, then add a little newer Old Man’s Child and there you have it!

Enthean seem to have mastered their craft early on in their career and if they keep it up like this, then that career is going to be a very long one! There really isn’t anything on here that hasn’t been done before, but what gives these perspective genres a breath of fresh air is the professionalism and pride that these guys have. I would recommend this CD to any metal head into any of the above bands or anyone looking to venture into the underworld of extreme metal. This was a fantastic release and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future. Get in touch with these guys and get this release!

  1. 1054
  2. Tones Of Desecration
  3. Before You, I Am
  4. Dysthanasia
  5. Ekpyrosis
  6. Behold The Primordial
  7. Bring Forth The Raven
  8. Invalesc De Profundis

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 3, 2016
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