Enthrallment- Eugenic Wombs

It seems nowadays, you can’t really find a modern death metal band that hasn’t gotten “core” influences and breakdowns scattered around every 30 seconds of blast beats, so it was a very fresh surprise when listening to "Eugenic Wombs" and hearing a classic and precise death metal sound emerge from my computer’s speakers. Enthrallment have been going since 1998, where I was merely a foetus and couldn’t even murmur the word “mummy” or “daddy”, so let alone could I know at the time what death metal or extreme music was all about. But over the years, the constant battle of who could make the heaviest breakdown and come up with new sub genres of extreme metal was all hyped up, and in all honesty, it felt like the majority of straight death metal bands were left in the dust from these new trends popping up all over the map. I have to bring this history of extreme music up because this is the first time in quite a while, that I have heard a solid death metal album that didn’t stray from the path and instead, stuck to the punishing formula that was once made famous by bands such as Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation and so forth.

Starting of instrumentation wise, this album has all the boxes ticked when it comes to making a conventional death metal album. Blast beats? Check. “Cookie-monster” growls? Check. Face-melting solos? Check. After reading this, you might question why I am praising an album when I just listed all the generic conventions of death metal it contains, that’s where I will back my opinion up by saying the reason it is so good, is because this album literally defines death metal! Enthrallment takes back the classic sound from the 90’s Floridian death metal scene and amps it up to ten with the modernised production and precise technicality and musicianship. This is death metal in such a pure form, and I haven’t heard it done in this way for such a long time. Sure you can criticize me and list numerous of other bands pulling off the same “old school” style, but the difference is, is that this band and particularly THIS release stood out for me.

Death metal is really a constant evolving sub-genre of metal that keeps spawning new movements in heavy music, and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. So when anyone asks me for a “death metal” album, I will point right in the direction of "Eugenic Wombs" by Enthrallment.

For fans of Six Feet Under, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation.

  1. Deserved Fears
  2. Few Are Those Who Find It
  3. Last Judgment Waltz
  4. Totally Dismembered
  5. Defame the Incarnation
  6. Inspired Lunatic
  7. Path to Silence
  8. Nature Does Not Allow Doubling
  9. Enslaved by Your Own Seed

Self released
Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold
Feb 24, 2016

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