Enthrallment - Smashed Brain Collection

Enthrallment is a brutal death metal band from Bulgaria and ireleased their debut album in July 2006. Songs that are played with fast and bulging drums and deep gurgling vocals, Guitars are riffing in mid tempo slices with swinging melodies. And tempo of the songs are parted with mid paced passages. An album that listens nicely away and before you know you play it louder and louder. And as a bonus you will find a CDROM part with videoclip of "Awaiting The Death" and 30 minute liveshow in Blagovest in a cool venue. In the end you have a nice old school death metal (with some grind edges) album with a very tasteful cover artwork by Tony Koehl.

1. Smashed Brain Collection
2. Carnal Affection
3. Experiment With You
4. Disgruntled
5. Total Zombie Domination
6. Mutant
7. Supporting The Chaos And Hate
8. Graveyard
9. Awaiting The Death
Grindethic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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