Entrails - Reborn

Some short history from the band: (official)

Well the band Entrails took their first tones around ..1991 in.. a small converted woodshed in the village Linneryd outside Växjö (SWE) with former mates Fredde, Tobbe, Billy and I, Jimmy. I and my friend Fredde started the band Entrails at the end of 1990. We began to do some own material while we tried to gather together a death metal band. After a while we got hold of Tobbe and Billy who joined the band. Heavily influenced by Swedish death metal and thrash we rehearsal to learn songs that I had done before the band took shape. After persistent head banging in woodshed we went to a studio and recorded a few songs, but quality became bad, so there was never any demo made at that time. After some further bad recordings in a studio, and a little gig at a selection of musik direkt the half set of the band lost their interest, so we decided to close the band. You can say that the band died before it became something. After the band's maturity, there was only I who brought the band further on, but I lost interest and after a few years (1998?) the band died completely.

After a few years the resurrection was a fact.

I was too nostalgic and said to myself that: Now, many years after the band died, my old songs must be recorded and a demo shall be made, so I started the band again on my own.. After looking for songs of my old material from 1990, I found 10 songs that I wanted to use for my first demo. (There was plenty of songs to choose from) 2009 my home-studio was built and I could finally get started with the demo. It became a minor stop when the songs were done when I realised that I had no vocals in them. Fortunately, a friend to me (matte) arranged a singer named Jocke Svensson (Birdflesh, Litania, Devilry) who helped me and made the death growl that I wanted. And after mixing, now after almost 20 years, at last, Entrails full-length-demo "Reborn .." is done.

Why the title? Cause Entrails is now reborn!!!

After some official facts, here we go with the album "Reborn".

The first song (intro) sounds like a nice horror movie theme, harmonic piano, demonic voices and spooky synths. Evil Obsession is the real first track and sounds really heavy. Entrails plays cool and groovy old school death metal with some melodic / thrashy influences. Blast attacks and fine double bass parts included. As you have read the band was formed in the very early 90´ies, and that is to hear in the album. Also the „swedish origin“ plays a great role in their songs. Really cool songrwiting. All the gyus know waht they´re doing on their instruments, appropiate to the muscial style come really deep fucked up grunts and nice demonic screams out of the boxes. The band is far away from simple songwriting and there are some rythmical surprises in the songs.

Well done! For all fans of old school (Sweden) death, check it out!

1. Entrails Reborn (Intro)
2. Evil Obsession
3. The Morgue
4. Your Dead Dog Smile
5. Voices
6. Triumph Of The Sinners
7. Stormy Death
8. Midnight Death
9. Breath Of Blood
10. Entrails
11. Depression (Bonus Track)

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Reviewer: Paul
Jan 4, 2010

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