Entrails - Tales From The Morgue

Ah Swedish Old school death metal!!! i dont know many folk who dont like it but what is there not to like?! you have the heavy chainsaw sounding guitars, chugging distorted basslines, pounding drums and of course deep guttural (not of the gurgled type!)vocals.

Its all fairly death metal by numbers in this day and age. There are so many bands out there doing it right now from the very founders of the whole sound ala Entombed and Carnage/Dismember to modern day bands who are technically paying tribute to the era such as Bloodbath, God among Insects and the band that I reviewed there recently who go back a fair bit in the swedish death metal history timeline, Evocation, have the sound nailed!

Entrails, hailing from of course Sweden and unmistakedly have all the classic traits of Sweden in sound. Like Evocation, these guys were about back in the day but never got the recognition and sort of fell to the bottom of the pile and i guess just disappeared off the radar. Essentially speaking, "Tales from the Morgue" is a collection of old songs and demos that the band recorded back in the day, 1991 to be precise.

The original member and founder, Jimmy"bloodspill" Lundquist enlisted the help of some old pals including swedish cult grinders, Birdflesh`s Jocke Svennson to do some throat rippin` vocals and Bass. One could say these songs are authentic old school swedish death metalsongs as they were written back in the day but have they stood the test of time? Simply put, yes! I have heard/reviewed alot of old school death metal bands in recent times and whilst they were good and i am a fan of it, they didnt seem authentic if that sounds right?! Almost too tribute-esque. Now dont get me wrong, they were all class, like i say i am a fan. Where as these tunes have that proper old school aggression- the real deal !!! Hell, this even has the "Phantasm" theme ala Entombed`s "Left Hand Path". Though i have to say, not done quite as well as they aforementioned!  Even to get "that" guitar sound, to these ears its gotta be right and they`ve got it . Everything sounds so natural and very analouge which im a huge fan of and certainly represents the times.

The lyrical themes, delivered with such anger and venom are just as one would expect - Gore,death and murder. The tracks "Euthanasia" - the one with the Phantasm nod!,"Voices" and "Breath Of Blood" are absolute killer tracks which pulverise your skull rip back to 1991. In a way i kind of feel bad for ENTRAILS. I feel that they have been passed over and missed out on the credit they have deserved. This blows the likes of recent releases from Dismember, Entombed and Bloodbath out of the water. I believe if this album had came out at the right time we would have been talking about it as cult classic band such as the bands i have mentioned and "tales from the morgue" would have been mentionedin the same sentence as "Left hand path", "dark recollections" and "like an everflowing stream" - a classic that time forgot?

1. Intro: Tales From the Morgue     
2. Blood Red
3. Voices
4. Breath Of Blood
5. Entrails
6. Stormy Death
7. Euthanasia
8. Evil Obsession
9. Triumph Of The Sinners
10. The Morgue
11. The Curse Of Death