Entropy - Denouement

Stationing themselves between the heavy end of metalcore and the obvious deathcore scale is Perth, Australia's Entropy with their sophomore EP titled "Denoument". Entropy are enriched with their new vocalist Samuel Worsfold, formerly of UK metal band Sunfall, who is able to take the band's limits to directions yet unseen with an interesting array of vocal varieties and a clear ambition to push his own boundaries and talents. This enforced with tip-top production leaves us with an underground gem waiting to be uncovered. The pummelling introduction track of 'Doomtown' is as beautiful as it is destructive, often catchy and quite memorable. But it's fourth track 'Ritual' that showcases the band's true efforts, as the catchy djent-styled riffs collide with Sam's massive call-out styled vocals breathe fresh air into the genre before leading into some of the EP's heavier breakdown elements and filthy gutturals - Spoiler-alert...this hits hard!

Truthfully, this EP is awfully short. Yet this isn't always a negative aspect, as too much of a good thing can often become a crisis. And it's clear here that all four tracks presented are outstanding in their desire to push the metalcore genre as much as possible, whilst retaining the heavier segments it's often known for. Forged with the uniqueness and hardcore elements of Kublai Kahn TX with the bitter, down-tempo deathcore stylings of bands like Oceano brings Entropy to their own brand of originality and succession. "Denoument" sadly may go unnoticed in the world of metal, drowned out by the floods of bands trying to push boundaries themselves, but in reality Entropy contain the ideology and intelligence that other bands should be aspired to sound like.

4.5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Doomtown
2. Sentenced To Ash
3. Void Walker
4. Ritual

Self released
Reviewer: Max James
Aug 25, 2020

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