EpisThemE - Descending Patterns

EpisThemE is hard fast and heavy progressive metal which was born out from  Catania (Italy) back in May of  2010. Due to difficulty in finding good musicians who were committed and whom also wanted to play live EpisThemE's origin started off  as the studio project of bassist  Riccardo Liberti with all tracks written exclusively by Riccardo.After inviting various others to join in come September 2010  EpisThemE quickly interfolded and meshed together as a living breathing unit minus a vocalist however this did not stop them from creating music and heading into the studio come early 2011.  It is noted that all solo tracks that Riccardo Liberti had created were pushed aside and that this now  new band decided to put together totally new creations specific to themselves as a unit. Finally during 2012 EpisThemE had found a vocalist- Valentino Valenti (Noble Savage, Mendoza, Jem In Eye) but this marriage did not last and Valentino was soon replaced  In May 2013 by Luca Correnti (Mystura, Sinoath, Inqbdimaja). In November, 2013 Enrico Grillo joined the band and finally after the lineup changes and hard work their debut album. “Descending Patterns was released in 2014.

EpisThemE current lineup  now consists of: Luca Correnti - Vocals, Francesco Coluzzi - Guitar, Enrico Grillo - Guitar, Riccardo Liberti - Bass and  Daniele Spagnulo - Drums.

Descending Patterns is progressive and holds plenty of melody. Great clean breaks here and there with a lot of everything going on all the time. This album's tracks carry intelligent change overs bringing the listener to great highs and dropping them into deep lows.

One of my favorite tracks on this album is "Shades of May" This is a great instrumental piece with heartfelt solo work and percussion which carries the base of all emotion. Feelings of wonder,slight sorrow and a modest uplift is what this tracks brings to me. Every track on this album will bring out something different in it's listener there is not one track which resembles the next however each is a piece of the same puzzle.

I also love tracks such as "Blindside" which have lacings of an atmosphere that would be found within a modern day  giallo type film.

As for vocals this band could not have made a better choice. I find that both the aggression as well as the clean softer vocal work suit each part of the album ,nothing is over powering and at the same time nothing is too blended either. Great control and range throughout each track.

All in all this album is extremely well produced.

Descending Patterns theme throughout is social,covering and bringing out various human emotions and dealing with the downfall of humanity's values. You will find hate,passion,lust,love,sweet and sorrow within the lyrics and musically this album touches all bases,hits all nerves and toys with every layer of your being until your soul is tickled with realty.

This is an amazing debut album and without even producing a demo or two prior to it's release. I certainly hope to hear more from this band and can't imagine how they are going to top the quality and talent presented here.

1. Eyeland 
2. Erase That Frame 
3. Silent Screaming 
4. Shades Of May 
5. Blind Side 
6. Endless Apathy 
7. Nemesis

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 30, 2014
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