Epoch - Sacrosanct

Here comes the band Epoch. Not much is known about the band as the booklet to the CD is void of any information regarding members or recording info. Their release “Sacrosanct” was originally released in digital format in 2015, but has now seen a proper physical format as of January 31st of this year. The overall mysteriousness of this album is compounded by the intense and brutal beauty that this band has created. Do not take the lack of information about the band lightly. This is still a great release and the only real disappointment is that this album has not seen a proper release until this year.

Musically, this release contains a mass of riffage styles that you would find on such great releases such as Morbid Angel “Covenant” and Malevolent Creation “In Cold Blood”. The riffing style is one that is relentless and bombarding, but with little to know variation. It’s really not needed here as this is just straight up blackened death metal. This is one of those releases where you can tell that the talent and ability of the guitarist goes way beyond what is demonstrated on the release. The riffs are constructed very well and while everything is delivered with pinpoint accuracy, I can’t help but wonder what this album would sound like if they had pushed the envelope just a little bit where the guitars are concerned. Perhaps this is what the band was going for, leaving us in a state of metallic satisfaction yet always craving more. Even though the drums were performed in such a monotonous style, you really don’t need anything more than what is given here seeing as how the material is so simplistic yet massive. In regards to the drums, everything is kept to standards laid down by the unspoken yet recognized traditions of the genre. I was amazed by the bass on this release as you can feel the pulse of it throughout the duration of these tracks as if it is coming from dimensions unknown. Definitely not incorporated as an afterthought here. Great usage of this instrument on every track. The vocals on this release are of the traditional growling type and, really, that is all that’s needed. From my perspective, the vocal pattern should reflect the mood of the music and that is what the band does here.

This is a damn fine release. There is absolutely no filler and, for what it’s worth, you can tell the band has no time for such trivial things that would result in a half-assed release. I’m loving this release just as it’s presented and there is no need to change anything. Upon listening to this CD, Epoch almost make it seem effortless. You can almost feel the confidence oozing from this release. My only complaint is that I wish there was more information on the band in the booklet. None the less, this is about as perfect as you can get when you are going for such simplistic massiveness. This release is going to get a lot of play time in the stereo!

  1. To Datechon, Ho Katechon
  2. Vision Absolute
  3. Altered States
  4. Nine
  5. Ichneumon
  6. Hangman Paradox
  7. Fear Ritual
  8. Sacrosanct