Equimanthorn - Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers Of Ninnkigal

Equimanthorn is a project of members played in bands like Absu, Melechesh, Unearthed or Varathron. Real heavy black and death metal bands. But beside these band the Riddick brothers also play in Moonroot, The Soil Bleeds Black or Hexentanz and those are more ritual, ambiant or folk. With Equimanthorn the 4 guys release another album with ambiant and spiritual sounds with oriental influences. Mostly instrumental but you hear the spells of a male voice once in a while. The tempo is low heartbeating while creating a sinister atmosphere with lots of different instruments. For those who like these kind of sounds it is worth checking out. Those who like the aformentioned black metal bands could loose attention after two songs.

1. Refulgent Splendour
2. When Seven Came Unto The Fundament
3. When Seven Showed Their Faces_ Reprise
4. Who Is The Great King_
5. When Five Appeared In Mists And Gathered The First & Seventh
6. Irkalla_ To Enter The Great Above And The Depths Below
7. The Submissive Myth Genesis Of Mirror Waters Rising
From Beyond Prod
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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