Eradikal Insane - Mithra

Debut album 'Mithra' by French technical death metallers, Eradikal Insane, is one of the more fascinating extreme releases of the past decade. The album is fire ninety-percent throughout;  as musical havok is expressed througholy in the form of blistering guitar work and progressive twists that are not always as appreciated within this genre's realm.  Taking influence from bands such as Fallujah, Whitechapel, & Aborted, the band do not mimick these styles, but fuse them into their own personalised sound. While their Aborted influence is definitely the most noticable on the album, there's still plenty of fresh and original ideas swimming about here.

For a debut record, Eradikal Insane have surpassed a great movement of bands that struggle to pick up the pace. Their combination of genres sets them apart from crowds, and their progressive side only adds to their diversity. Vocals are yelped across in the form of raspy hisses, while the lows are guttural and the occassional pig squeal is thrown in the mix. A great variety to keep any metal fan hooked. The album also has three fantastic guest vocalists that are given worthy slots, these include  Sven De Caluwé of Aborted, Julien Truchan of Benighted, and Triv of Kronos. If that isn't enough evidence that you need to listen to this record then I don't know what is!

Avoiding the deathcore title by playing some ridiculously speed-driven riffs the band are more focused on the passionate death metal route, keeping breakdowns to an absolute zero and almost developing their genre to a deathgrind sound, if it wasn't for the band's funky, groovy and mesmerising interludes that help keep this record sounding refreshing on each listen. A band to watch for future; I wouldn't be surprised if you saw these guys popping up on any big tours in the next year or so, as it is clearly deserved with the efforts put into this impressive debut.

  1. A Perpetual Nothing
  2. Initium (feat. Julien Truchan - Benighted)
  3. Sediments Of Misconception
  4. Consciousness Alight
  5. Abrasive Harbingers
  6. Mithra
  7. Intrinsic Propensity (feat. Triv - Kronos)
  8. Archetypes
  9. Harvest (feat. Sven De Caluwé - Aborted)
  10. Universal Spine
  11. Metanoia

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 8, 2016

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