Erdh - Resilient

Erdh's debut album "Resilient" is a series of seven tracks which read as so many mazes, structure shifts, meandering paths, ebbing and flowing. Those expressive, straightforward metallic core grids are suffused with experimental electro abstraction. The final scene mingles digital effects, overdrive and a sepulchral voice. The oil is cold, it spreads methodically and its borders are unpredictable. Forget about uni-vocality: in a dark introspective space, the sound is robot-like and mouths a threat, the origin and outcome of which remain mysterious.

Science Affliction
The unparalleled, dramatic and impacting effect this track has on you when you listen will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor! The constantly shifting patterns of powerful digital effects are paramount to the bands cinematic sound and as they themselves say, the borders are unpredictable and they were not joking! It holds an addictive teasing and delivers big on satisfaction.

Pink Circuit
Rich in copious amounts of pumping rhythms that twist themselves around a distorted robotic vocal.  It’s repetitive up to a certain point, but the stabbing jangles of rhythmic pulses give it a good balance, so it does not become too monotonous and has enough spark to keep the attention ignited.

Again dramatic but this time explosive as the madness builds to such a degree of magnitude it just smacks you around the head and sets itself up to be a monumental track of textures and tones that fuse together in such a way you cannot fail to be impressed. It has imagination and aggression which holds no bounds.

(O.D) Dity In Neverland
Impacting atmospheric sound that contains a chanting type of vocal to a hard pumping rhythm and a female sampled voice. The incidental waves of buzzing and ice cold notes feed into the track and pumps it up so adding a perfect balance of atmospherics and dark intrigue.

The title track to the album springs to life with a striking tonal guitar and constant pummelling whilst the vocal holds a certain angst to it. Although the damming laughs show confidence and power as they gnarl impressively around a swaggering rhythm that on reaching its peak, then plummets suddenly and dips into a cinematic sound which is then interrupted by a harmonic effect vocal, all of this gives the track plenty of edge and scope.

Codex Atrox
This track has some obvious black metal attached to it. The fast crescendo of pummelling beats, sway of electric guitar, demonic vocal with a wind tunnelling echo are the perfect diversion. The fast hypnotic rhythms are impressive and flow seamlessly, whilst the sound that simulates a humming is so haunting, you would swear you were watching a deeply disturbing horror movie and the setting is reminiscent of a lunatic asylum with lots of twisted minds at work.

Again a hypnotic rhythm with a robotic monotone vocal feeds the track, but do not take anything for granted with Erdh. They love messing with the mind and conjuring up beastly concepts within their fiery brand of cinematic metal, so much so that the fluctuations of energy packed within their vibrant cores, will evoke certain reactions that can sometimes be distracting as there is a lot contained within them, but keep your wits about you, there is never a dull moment!

I am seeing a lot more bands using the term ‘Cinematic’ in their genres and this is not a bad thing, adding to the already bulging bag of multi genres that are already out there, which is good news for the listener as there is now more to get your aural around, but the journey may be hard for some people to follow as it is quite unusual, so you need to get your ‘broad horizon’ head on.  Some of the cinematic sequences are subdued whilst other parts, the magnitude unleashed is monumental, so for me it’s a good balanced listen. The clever vocal additions and the wild drumming offers plenty of intrigue and will definitely appeal to many who like something varied to get their head around.

  1. Science Affliction
  2. Pink Circuit
  3. Oxidized
  4. O.D Dity In Neverland
  5. Resilient
  6. Codex Atrox
  7. Sinking

Altered End
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 22, 2013

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