Erhabenheit - Verhallend Mit Des Todesboten Kunde

Erhabenheit presented 8 tracks for the album bearing the title ‘Verhallend mit des Todesboten Kunde’ which was originally released back in 2005 as a vinyl edition. In a nutshell, the music is nothing more than Primitive Germanic Melo Black Metal with a semi-good production. However besides the typical old fashioned Black Metal, certain old school Rock elements are also present.

The whole set of songs are filled with tempo variations, from fast Black Metal, to slow/mid-tempo (doom) parts. On the other hand, the band is making a good use of dual guitars enough that a pleasant harmonization and lengthy rich structured melodies are included thus making this very release an enjoyable one for the listener.

Erhabenheit doesn’t stand for the darkest side of Black Metal. Music is not dark at all and in fact, their genre is more or less close to Viking Black Metal. In addition, these little blends made the album quite atmospheric which are enhanced through the production, guitar intervals and the dirty screaming vocals which are typically found in some old school dirty Thrash.

The drumming was performed by a digital drum kit. Performance is good, however the production sounds a little bit digital for this kind of genre Erhabenheit is performing. The recording production of the drum machine is made good enough to make it sound as part of the whole music (unlike the way other bands do). What lacks is the proper mixing during the blast beats, as it makes it clearly obvious that this one is really a drum machine (especially the cymbals), but during the slow and mid-tempo parts, everything sounds overall good. Vocals style ranges from primitive dirty weird growling (where at times they sound unfit with the music) to some hysterical thick screams.

As an album, this is strongly applicable to those who truly enjoy the real essence of old school Black Metal.

1. Traum Der Toten Sonnen
2. ...In Den Eisenwäldern I
3. ...In Den Eisenwäldern II
4. Fragmente Einer Wahrnehmung

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010
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