Erhabenheit - Vom Tempel Zum Throne

"Vom Tempel Zum Throne" was released back in 2005 through Raging Bloodlust Records, however this EP was reissued later in Digipack format by Black Devastation Records.

This album 8 tracks of a fusion between Primitive Viking Black Metal, and Thrash. Sound quality is a bit ‘muffled’, but for this kind of music, a semi-good production enhances the atmosphere. The material presented by the band has nothing to do with classifications like “evil” or “grim”. Erhabenheit stands more for the melancholic side of Black Metal, and the vocals really help in boosting this very melancholic emotion through those distorted growling/dirty screams typically found in suicidal black metal bands like Xasthur among others; however the manner of singing is like having Burzum on low-pitched screams.

Musical performance is quite simplistic, filled with good dual guitar harmonization, minimal melody structures (at times one can notice dual melodies), and guitar-based intervals (reminding me of Judas Iscariot, US). The band used again a digital drum kit (note: this is not a drum machine) and I might say that the mixing is somehow good, although fine ears may notice that the drums are actually digital, but it doesn’t mean it is a bad album! Sadly on rare occasions, the drums doesn’t sound tight enough with the rest of the music.

Speaking of music, in general it sounds good, romantic in a way anf filled with a lot of nostalgy.

1. Fleisch Zu Feuer   
2. ...Zu Asche   
3. Jenseits Der Wigrid   
4. Helgeweiht   
5. Einzig Ewig   
6. Tempelmarsch   
7. Tempel Der Geißelung   
8. Tempeltrümmer

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010

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