Espada Negra - Kingdom Of Fear

The first that came in my head was POWER to the metal. The intro made me think of Manowar........ it's the sound of the swords I think. I think that most of the metal fans will like the sound of this metal band.

Some songs are in the line of a mixture of Iron Maiden and Bathory. The music it's making me bang my head. There are some things I like to be changed. The sound of the drums sound like they where recorded in a oil drum.

Espada Negra is going to big if you ask me. Buth thats a personal comment. So if you realy want to know these guy's.......... Check their site. I, Rob from BRUTALISM wish the guys all the luck they need.

1. Intro (Heroes of A Bloody Time)
2. Sentry of Porcelain
3. PrecĂ­puo
4. Death Symphony
5. Mary Punk Hard Core
6. Next Emanation
8. The Ritual
9. Ethnic Stupidity
10. Skabrozay
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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