Eteritus - Rotten Transition

After being sick for a while, I'm back and in this review I'm gonna check a Polish band's album which is called "Rotten Transition". Eterirus has been active since 2013 and their last stuff is their third full-length album.

Album starter is the intro which tries to bring some rapture to you. For me it is something familiar and it's good.

The second track, you can hear the European's signature (Swedish death metal) and some old-school of Polish death metal style which is not as heavy as the other polish bands that you might like them but it's a good. A normal track which can reminds you some 90s stuff. (Especially the melodic section)

'Frozen Towers' is a fabulous track that brings you easy and clean idioms in the lyric and the arrangement of this track is good enough. Melodic riffs, on time and thug rests and vocals brutality are perfect. The last minute of the song is fine but the solo section is a bit light and it's not my type. The main point of this song is the lyrics.

Track number four's riffs are favorable and it is a standard death metal song. Solo part is okey and the chance phase is acceptable. Head-banging and aggressive death…

'Evil Remains' brings you the atmosphere of the early 90s death metal albums. It's really close to those decade tracks. Bass arpeggios are suitable… and the complex vocal is insane.

'River Of Torment' is the sixth track of the album. Great intro and you can hear the drummer is leading the band very well till the end. Solo guitar's effect is not good at all. Bass is keeping the track's foundation on his feet but most of the riffs are not my favorite. But it's possible that I don't get the concept of the song but as a tried to imagine myself in the middle of the story, I can feel the death and hell.

'Angel's Cunt' is fantastic song. Solo's section is good. The solo guitar's gain of this song is enough. Change riffs are auspicious and you can feel that the evil is next to you. Goddamn breakdown is super. DaDaDam DaDaDam…. Well done.

Track number eight has a pleasant intro. I mean the solo bass part and then the guitars. About one minute is the intro and ten second for pre verse. Great choice... breakdown is as good as a legendary suicide.

The last track is 'The Plague Will Come At Dawn'. Another problem of this album is the vocal's line (vocal's melody). Some portion in this song and other songs are not being arrangement well enough. It is my personal opinion with all due respect to them. Anyway the track's feelings are affect you mind. Especially when a repetitive melody is drilling you brain.

So, as I've tried to mention all the topics that matters to listeners of an album, I give them 3.5 of 5. Because of the reasons that I've said and the other thing is the mixing and mastering which was not good enough to me.

Wish them the best and cheers.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Intro
2. Krieg
3. Frozen Towers
4. Blood Infection
5. Evil Remains
6. River Of Torment
7. Angel's Cunt
8. Cursed Path To The Ancient Temple
9. The Plague Will Come At Dawn