Eternal Rot – Cadaverine

"Cadaverine" is the debut EP from doom/death metal two piece project Eternal Rot from Poland and the UK. The EP features four slow, filthy tracks clocking in at just under half an hour.

The opening track 'Underlying Desolation' grows slowly with a Sabbath style riff with basic drums before building into a double kick peddle and long tortured yells coming in that resemble the glorious bellows of John Tardy on those early Obituary albums. 'In Their Decaying Eyes' follows the same pattern but with a slight bit of melody thrown in. 'Putrid Hallucination' makes a good use of some chugging riffage. 'Slough Of Despond' has a really good riff running through it and the song has a great sinister atmosphere to it but it does drag on a bit too long.

The EP is good fun but once the songs gets to where they are going they come to a close pretty quick so they tend to elevate up and then down. There’s good stuff here but on their next release they would benefit from a bit of a kick here and there. Throw in a bit of groove or a bit of speed and most importantly some hooks to shake things up. Take note from Obituary, Autopsy or even Iron Monkey.


1. Undying Desolation
2. In Their Decaying Eyes
3. Putrid Hallucination
4. Slough of Despond