Eternal Wisdom - Pathei Mathos

Eternal Wisdom is the total creation of Johannes Tüllner, a German one man band who does an awesome job of pulling it off as a full outfit-seriously. "Pathei Mathos" is actually the 4th release from Eternal Wisdom, the first being "In Infinitum" which was a demo unleashed back in 2006 then followed "Of Eternity" in 2010 and "Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire" in 2012. Not bad at all and wish that I had discovered this music years ago cause from what I have heard thus far it is really great.

Now back to "Pathei Mathos", this is a well put together piece of work. Great arrangement and sound quality. Love the composition and style of this album. Each track has it's own persona and really stand out on their own. "Pathei Mathos" is a brutal symphony riding elegantly a chaotic wave which rides the listener through death and rebirth over and over again. Jammed with melody fit for a demonic tango. The guitar work is intelligent, heavy melodic riffs not over done with the dual leads (which are amazing) and all percussion, bass and everything else which nicely glides in just seem to fall right into place. The haunted sort of gothic sounding keyboarding in both the 5th and 6th tracks: 'Schizoid Depressions And Hysterical Obsessions' and 'Marche Funebre': particularly grabbed my attention and I feel this lends a classy lacing. Love the vocals which are not too low, very hellish in the growling however the lyrics are pronounce and not mumbled grunts.

This music is dark and has meaning. It is great how "Pathei Mathos" begins with such a brutal edge yet ending with 'Cry For The Emptiness III' lends a touching much more subdued ending sort of reminds me of a more higher talent, musically achieved version of  an older creation from Norther but I definitely would not compare this album to anything by that band. This album can be defined as a perfect blending of black meets death.

Aside from the music the cover art is original and just looking at it makes one wonder what to expect from it's content. Very creative as Eternal Wisdom album covers have been progressing creatively each time around.

There is nothing negative that I could say towards this album nor towards Eternal Wisdom, I simply love  it entirely and doubt that this artist could ever disappoint. I give "Pathei Mathos" a full 5/5 star rating and highly recommend you give it a shot.

  1. Seelenwanderung
  2. Buried In A Astral Temple
  3. The Ritual Made Flesh
  4. Into Sephirotic Oceans
  5. Schizoid Depressions And Hysterical Obsessions
  6. Marche Funebre
  7. Wanderer Of The Inner Path
  8. Cry For The Emptiness III

Orden des Theosophisch Okkulten Weltbildes
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 23, 2015

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