Eternity - Pestiferous Hymns- Rev. I-I-XXXIII

This is the latest release from German black metal band Eternity who have been going since 1994 and this is their third full length release and is mighty fine!! Now the fact that this band go all the way back to 1994 and this is the first thing I have ever heard by them is unreal but there you go, every day is a school day and one always gets more out of life each day. Well the album kicks of with an epic track at over eight minutes in length and a cracker it is too, “Down in the Southern Abyss” is a great riff of a track, starts off very atmospheric before kicking in with a monster grinding riff, good start!! Seven tracks of good black metal coming in at over forty five minutes is what you get on this album, some great screechy, raspy vocals from bass player A.Krieg add to the overall nastiness of this album, really one of no hope and despair, just how black metal should be!! The guitar work on the album is really good with some great riffing throughout and some real heavy playing by M.Alicious and Diabolus, really great stuff!! The drumming is fine and understated by Basilisk and the musicianship overall is really top notch as you would expect from a band that has been honing its craft for so long, not too sure when the current line up came into being but it is very good indeed.

This album is relentless in its pace of grinding, riffing black metal and all the tracks are cracking, my personal favourites would be “Temple of Flesh” which is a nasty piece of riffing metal, and another riffing good track is “…Like a 1000 Suns” which is relentless in its grinding horror, great track!!! Not a bad track on this album so you wont get any filler on here it is all top stuff!! This album really makes me want to check out all their other releases now as I have missed so much by never coming across this band before, really like this album.

Well I thoroughly recommend this album, if you are into black metal at all this is a fine purchase and a great addition to your collection, you would be fool to miss out on it!!!


  1. Down To The Southern Abyss
  2. Temple Of Flesh
  3. ...Like 1000 Suns
  4. ...Of Satans Blood
  5. Reborn Through The Flame (Against The Creation)
  6. Waiting In The Abyss
  7. Black Clouds On A Psychic Horizon