Ether - Depraved, Repressed, Feelings

The first album from Ether (the new project from Scythrawl of Trails of Anguish and Unquintessence) represents a journey into despair and the deep, negative emotions that grip those who just can't cope with their surroundings. Sick, twisted, brutal, depressive and eerie at the same time, the Black Metal of Ether is the soundtrack of a nightmare that never seems to stop! This info can be found on the label site. So what could I expect when playing this album? I don't know his bands but this music is scratching. Long duration of the songs and interrupted by short ambient sound effects. The songs are sung with a voice that is screaming like it is tortured and guitars that are distorted but riffing on a sharp side of a blade. Beside the mid tempo it also goes to blast beats. And underneath all this aggression lays the depressive mood. This album is not easy as it is not only aggressive, chaotic but sometimes irritating with the vocals. Good luck if yo want to undergo this raw black metal.

1. Disgust
2. ...Leading To...
3. Discomfort
4. ...A Need For External..._
5. Love
6. ...Creating...
7. Hope
8. ...Degenerating...
9. Nostalgia
10. ...Culminating In...
11. Distress
Sepulchral Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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