Ever-Frost - The Awakening

Progressive/Melodic Death Metal hailing out from Italy. Ever-Frost is a band that puts in true heart and soul into their music, these guys are tight and the musicianship really shows when listening to this 4 track EP. Having known eachother and have played together since 2003 but, during those years have experienced with various metal genres while in different bands and have went throgh some line-up changes along the way, these guys finally came together in 2008 as what we now know as Ever-Frost. Current line-up: Lion-vocals, Anno-guitars, Bonne-bass and Fede-drums.

This EP "The Awakening" is pure melody throughout, very progressive and contains all the elements of classic death.
This recording is clean and well produced and mixed. The diversity and talent here is amazing. Love the guitar work with it's awesome soloing and the diversity of the drum patterns are killer, all is very technical yet still has feeling and heart. The vocals are powerfully aggressive and love the fast double bass parts. I really love the instrumental in the last track "Tear Down The Sky" and how the track subtley picks up using the clean to growling vocals with clean soft guitar picking turning to distorted controled chaos especeally near the end, up and down soft and hard throughout the track, makes a perfect ending to this EP.

All and all I highly recommend checking this out.

1. A Glance Into The End

2. The Awakening

3. The New Age Of Redemption

4. Tear Down The Sky

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 8, 2010

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