Evergrey - Glorious Collision

Evergrey has been known as one of the many forefathers of 'progressive metal.' While some consider them power metal as well, each album they have created tends to stray away from the generic side of the genre and opt for a more grandiose, symphonic edge that tells a story. 'Glorious Collision' definitely continues that tradition by hitting hard and diverse with melodic bits strewn in between throughout the album and basing the vocals off a power metal formula that doesn't hit too high (think if Kamelot went a more progressive metal route than fantasy power metal). Evergrey, however, has been much more apt to making a decent use of spacey electroincs and almost a sci-fi feel without overdoing it, such as with the track "Leave It Behind Us."

Other tracks like "Wrong" are more along the lines of typical power metal with how the guitars are heavier, but even then the symphonic/ progressive bits are thrown in the background. Since there is a new bassist, drummer, and guitarist on the album along with the two original members, listeners can expect a slightly different sound. The backing angelic choirs are still present on the track (and others), so that epic feel is there, but at the same time the drums feel crisper and the guitar solos more jazzy and technical before giving way to softer piano/ keyboard sections to accompany the vocals, which sound as good as ever. "Out Of Reach" is a more rock oriented track that chugs its way along and doesn't make as much use as the symphonic moments, but at the same time the chorus is layered so it has more of an echoing, epic feel that makes up for the lack of symphonic bits. "The Disease.." is the opposite- it is very jazzy, very progressive, and makes great use of the keyboards for a backing instrument without dominating too much.

The album doesn't feature too many 'soft tracks' or ballads, but there are a few present. "Free" lets the keyboards and drums have a more prominent role on the album, but the guitars are still there as one can hear the frets still being slid across with every note change. It may be one of the more 'bland' tracks of the album, but also one of more beautiful ones. "... And The Distance" has a soft piano tone to it with a Pink Floyd guitar style before jumping into the heavier chugging guitars; oddly enough, the sudden switch feels very out of place and could have been led into much more for possibly the greatest progressive track that Evergrey has ever written (at least it closes out in an even flowing fashion). Still, as a whole, this album is almost flawless with its musical style and doesn't go on for too long to bore a listening while still retaining a diverse structure. Evergrey fans will be more than happy to know the band has not disappointed, yet again.

  1. Leave It Behind Us
  2. You
  3. Wrong
  4. Frozen
  5. Restoring The Lost
  6. To Fit The Mold
  7. Out Of Reach
  8. The Phantom Letters
  9. The Disease...
  10. It Comes From Within
  11. Free
  12. I'm Drowning Alone
  13. ... And The Distance

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 18, 2011

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