Evocation - Apocalyptic

The history of Evocation began back in 1991, when a couple of young Swedish musicians joined forces to play their favourite music: Death Metal. After two demos in 1992, Evocation already had loyal supporters and was considered as one of the most promising underground acts. Due to musical differences, the band split up in 1993 and was put to rest. Breath Of Night Records contacted the band sometime in 2004 and re-released the demos on a compilation album, simply entitled “Evocation”. This output was like a jump start and the band reunited to record another demo in 2006. Soon thereafter, Evocation signed to Cyclone Empire Records and released their very first full length album called “Tales From The Tomb”. The follow up was entitled “Dead Calm Chaos” and tightened the bands status. The current CD is called “Apocalyptic” and contains -believe it or not- old school Death Metal. These dudes are able to compose great songs without recycling riffs from the other pioneers of the Swedish scene. Kicking this one off with the impulsive and angry “Sweet Obsession”, the Evocation lads once again demonstrate their skills in writing interesting tracks. Ranging from straight forward songs with occasional blast beats (e.g. “We Are Unified Insane”) to slower stuff (“Reunion In War”), “Apocalyptic” will easily raise the bar. Altogether I would say, this cool release is a bit more wrathful then the previous full length album. Nevertheless there are enough nice harmonies to please their huge fan base. The return to more irate tracks fits Evocation very good and sounds credible at any time. Production wise, there are also no points of criticism. The powerful recording quality contributes its part to this old school Death Metal monument. The great general impression is completed by the nice artwork, which was created by someone named Xaay, who already did drawing for Nile, Behemoth and Vader. To shorten things: “Apocalyptic” is one of the best Swedish Death Metal albums I heard in the last years. Don´t hesitate to check this first class release out.

1. Sweet Obsession
2. We Are Unified Insane
3. Infamy
4. Parasites
5. Reunion In War
6. Psychosis Warfare
7. Murder In Passion
8. It Is All Your Fault
9. Curse On The Creature
10. Apocalyptic
Cyclone Empire Records
Reviewer: Alex
Nov 1, 2010

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