Evulse - Call Of The Void

Cataclysmically massive, dynamically oppressive and of pure despair death metal is what you get from Evulse in their first demo. Evulse deliver straight from the catacombs abysmal and din metal of death in the name of the underground. Early Entombed and the mighty Swedish death metal scene plus some old Dutch/Spanish death metal details are present in their sound, but Evulse don't forget by no means their American death metal roots and bands like Massacre, early Obituary, Incantation, Autopsy or Infester.

The general atmosphere of the demo is chaotic, abyssic and the vocals sound as if coming from the depths of hell! Still they are audible in the production and very well performed. The lead guitars are James Murphy influenced with the classic 90's death metal tremolo pitch twist. The riffs of Evulse are basically heavy and crunchy changing to muddy, doomy and desperate open chords at some parts of their songs. Props to the drumming of Johnny Valles (ex-Skeletal Remains, ex-Artery Eruption-live drummer among other bands/projects) for his excellent work in the whole demo and for achieving a "real" and old school sound with his drum set. His drumming performance has a nice tone and warmness while still being thick as a brick. By adding full of fantasy fills wherever needed he gives a special color to the whole demo.

A special reference must be made for the 'Call Of The Void' song in which Evulse unearth their necro/doom/death selves and through an Autopsy asphyxiating/terrorizing atmosphere of torture, gas and fear they consume all that is of human flesh. The opening riff is a funeral doom/death metal riff that as it goes on with the marching drums gives you the feeling of reaching an abandoned graveyard! The clean guitars of the song and the overall chaotic demo atmosphere made me think of it as an unholy mixture of Mayhem's "Deathcrush" with very early (demos and 7") Incantation.

The demo was released on black and white covered cassette tape, colored cover digipak CD (limited to 300 copies) and 7" vinyl pressing of 125 x black vinyl and 204 x white vinyl. It features 4 songs in less than 10 minutes, but believe me it's more than enough to get you the idea of what Evulse is all about. The cover artwork heavily reminded me of Carnage (Swe) 7" "Live Stockholm Sweden 4.11.89" clearly portraying what's inside the demo!

I have always loved demos because I think they are the sincerest thing music has to offer worldwide. I have always looked at demos as creations of a group of friends sharing their common love for music, without expediencies, without labels' guidance and without any stylization behind them, simply depositing their souls and their love for music by creating and recording their own songs with whatever means they have. For me, there is nothing better than that and I forever thank punk music for creating this attitude!

To sum up my review, the Evulse debut demo "Call Of The Void" is very promising and easily places them among bands of the new wave of the American death metal like Triumvir Foul, Mortuous and Necrot. The band is currently preparing their second demo which means they are in a creative mood and I truly anticipate to hopefully review their next work! In the meantime, support the underground or slowly rot!


1. Hypochondria
2. Hideous Mound
3. Call Of The Void
4. Agoraphobia