Evulse - Pustulant Spawn

Straight from Oakland, California, here comes this quintet named Evulse.
With "Pustulant Spawn" the band reaches its second EP just two years after the previous "Call Of The Void".

Evulse provide us with 4 songs without any kind of compromise. Old-fashioned death metal that takes us back to rancid, sulphurous and absolutely pestilential settings. The devastating 'Worms Made Flesh' that closes this work is the summary of all that this band can give to today's metal world. Fast rhythms, heavy riffs and a catacombic voice that takes us to the darker side of our dreams.

Let yourself be transported with your eyes closed by the opener 'Repulsive Infestation' in the darkest and deepest world of the Evulse. We are certainly not shouting for a miracle, but this EP is well played and produced and will surely please any aficionado of the genre. Personally, despite only 14 minutes of music, I fully enjoyed this work. I look forward to their full length! Horns up!

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Repulsive Infestation
2. Pustulant Spawn
3. Depraved Sanctity
4. Worms Made Flesh