Exaugurate – Chasm Of Rapturous Delirium

We don’t know much about these guys in Exaugurate, four pieces from, I believe, Birmingham – Alabama and, from what I found on the net, with members from bands such as Hollowed Idols, Ectovoid and Seraphic Entombment.

The band was formed during 2020 and this “Chasm Of Rapturous Delirium” is their first ever EP. 4 tracks for a total of 20 minutes ranging from bands like Cruciamentum (Dan Lowndes is present as a guest on the last track ‘Ascendant Beyond Carrion’), Grave Miasma and Dead Congregation … Old school death metal mixed with doom influence.

It is difficult to give an objective judgment on an “unknown” band and with such a short work. Certainly this EP is very valid. ‘Clandestine malevolence’, the same title track and the final ‘Ascendant Beyond Creation’ are the best pieces of this work. Dark and heavy death metal played very well.

For lovers of the genre, Exaugurate is a band to follow.

3 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti

May 25, 2020

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Exaugurate – Chasm Of Rapturous Delirium

review Exaugurate - Chasm Of Rapturous Delirium

1. Clandestine Malevolence
2. Chasm Of Rapturous Delirium
3. Labyrinth Of Veins
4. Ascendant Beyond Carrion


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