Exence - Hystrionic

It seems this type of thing is alive and well in Italy!!! The whole technical death thrash thing. Originally founded in 2000, Hystrinoic is the band's latest offering apparently taking 16 months to record, which, in anyones book is a long time. But was it worth it I hear you ask? Well it's well produced that's for sure. However I find it so layered up it sounds like a Devin Townsend album. No bad thing but it's more suited to him I think.

All instruments are crystal clear and played with immaculate technique. The problem for me is the songs. There are so many influences on this recording, i lost count. If you could picture latter day Death, playing Dream Theater songs whilst hanging out with Stratovarious with black metal tendancies with the obligatory Meshuggah riff here and there, then you wouldn't be far away from it. It's a pretty cool CD, though as I say nothing really jumps out at me a holds my attention for very long. As I said earlier there must be a whole legion of these bands waiting to be discovered in Italy.

It's actually not unlike Subhuman, but Subhuman do it a whole lot better and with abit more aggression which is abit more up my street. But most definately if technical death/thrash is your thing, give it a listen, like Dr Pepper, you might like it!

1. We will never
2. In eternal dynamics
3. Shaman
4. When words are loose
5. Fix from the ground
6. In loving memory
7. Primal mystic substance
8. Symbolic act
9. Dream of wisdom
10. O.H.T. (overhate threshold)

Punishment 18 Records
Reviewer: Connor
Dec 28, 2009
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