Exercium - Destruction Of Society

From Madeira Island off the coast of Morocco, near Tenerife and Gran Canaria, this is a young thrash band has this 3-song demo available for free on their bandcamp profile. If you take some early bay area styles, some early speed of the European scene and you have a really cool combination of what thrashers would like to hear. ‘Living Hell’ is certainly vintage, almost Metallica (first album) meeting and merging Kreator’s aggressive nature. On the other hand, you may get the Death Angel approach too; I get a lot of the vocal similarities here. I am pretty impressed with this track and it holds an intrepid level of excitement for the next tune ‘Destruction of Society’. This one has a great guitar solo, it restores a smile to an old thrash dog’s face, the drumming is mighty fine too leading the band into cool guitar harmonies with an added touch of groove.

‘Act of War’ completes the process but concentrates more on the groove and early 90’s style of thrash, I guess like Jeff Waters solo Annihilator stuff and beyond. But what is surprising that even with this tiny change, the band still give it 100% and retain you interest. The acoustic break brings atmosphere, especially the beautiful guitar tone that is borne from the solo which perfectly merges back into the tune. This is an easy classic for thrash and Exercium herald young and essential talent within classic thrash metal with a deft amount of ease with gifted precision.


  1. Living Hell
  2. Destruction Of Society
  3. Act Of War

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 8, 2012

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