Exhumed Day - The Beauty of Putrefaction

Thirteen track album from Spanish death/black metal band, and yet another band I know next to fuck all about!! The first track in this close to an hour release is an instrumental, ambient/folky type intro before it blasts into life with the excellent “From Nun to Slut” great title and a great slab of black metal. Real raspy vocals from Rex Mortis, nice and evil, a great way to start the album and the break half way through for some real class guitar work is just the job! The guitarist is J. Morgue and he does some of the backing vocals too, and I really like his guitar work, very nice indeed! Exsul is the bassist and the manic drumming is by DanI and this outfit have been going since 1997 and I know not a jot about them!! Shame on me!!

This is their third full release and they have also done a couple of demos as well and I know I will be trying my hardest to tracking them down. I love the punky, thrashy feel to “Infernal Troopers” a great song, summing up this band very nicely, they really do have a bit of everything in the mix here, touch of death and a touch of crust and a whole load of black metal, what’s not to like!! The album is a cracker and most songs are up in the five to six minute range, so loads going on in them. They have a real primitive style to them and I am a bit of a sucker for this style of music so it’s of no surprise that I love this album to bits, wee word on the cover too, real good job with a plague doctor on it you can’t go wrong!!

The band are tight and the playing and vocals are all well done, a real treat to listen to this one, thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended to all, check out “The Punisher” for a bit of death and black in it,, good track and also the title track “The Beauty of Putrefaction” great tracks but then there is not really a bad one on it. Go and buy it!!!

  1. The Agony Of The death
  2. From Nun To slut
  3. Infernal troopers
  4. Catalepsy
  5. From The Darkness Comes The Truth
  6. The Punisher
  7. The Beauty Of Putrefaction
  8. Postmortem
  9. Decapitated By His Wife
  10. I Always Think In Your Death
  11. The Black Prophecy
  12. Amnesia
  13. Awakening