Exorcizphobia – About Us Without Us

I am slowly working my way through the Support Underground roster as I have another burgeoning Czech Republican thrash act craving world domination on the thrash stage and one thing is for certain about the roster on Support Underground they are all very different. With a smattering of releases already doing the rounds this is the bands second full length that possesses a clean cut production that hits off with 'Lost Again' via a sample piece. Initially there are tenets of a technical thrash guise with a slightly off kilter riffing style with a mid-tempo structure. Clean vocals are used which are refreshing to hear as they have a slightly quirkiness to them too as 'Planet-Penitentiary' follows and shifts the album straight back into full throttle thrash. The pace is escalated with a piercing riff and here that clean production gives the guitar a real slicing aura, slashing at the listener with surgical dexterity.

'Relationshit' continues the speed assault with a snappy attitude and gritty vicious momentum, as the vocals have a real potency here. Surprisingly, in a good way for me, not necessarily for the thrasher, 'Gypsy Rock'n'Roller' completely moves away from the thrash style into a more heavy metal focus. Also contrasting is 'Time Does Not Heal' with its acoustic beginning which is sweetly played though some work needs to be done on the vocals for this style as they are a little strained before the title track returns to thrash territory with a dense riff that owes plenty to Metallica. The riff break is excellent as the pace is escalated with a flood of double kick bolstering the song’s power as here the songs vocals has an Anthrax style something that continues into 'Just One Shot' and links into the riff style also. The song has that bouncing vibe that Anthrax has, a crunching power yet thoroughly catchy much like the album as a whole.

I’d be remiss to say that this a groundbreaking album, but not all albums need to be, Exorcizphobia are a thrash act, plain and simple, they write top quality thrash songs with the added factor of throwing in the odd curveball here and there that makes this album a great listen and thrash fans will enjoy this from start to finish.

  1. Lost Again
  2. Planet-Penitentiary
  3. Relationshit
  4. Gypsy Rock'n'Roller
  5. Beggars Of Today
  6. Time Does Not Heal
  7. About Us Without Us
  8. Just One Shot
  9. The Rats In The Walls