Exorcizphobia - Digitotality

Excorciphobia are a thrash metal group coming from Czech Republic, offering a newly styled spin on the genre whilst paying homage to the old school era of thrash.

The first track of the album 'Desires Of The Flesh' is a classic horror filled thrash track. This song carries so much strength with an immensely powerful guitar solo and semi-brutal main riff. 'Desires Of The Flesh' sets up the album perfectly with insane guitar and drum work. The vocals are an acquired taste with their clean and slightly higher style however I would say if you are a fan of Anthrax then you would adore this album as it sounds as if it takes some influence.

The title track 'Digitotality' doesn't slow down the album's speed maintaining the fast tempo as the drums are constant kicks giving you the heart pounding feeling which is exactly what you want from classic thrash metal, music that is fast, fun and furious. That being said I still prefer the opening track but don't let that defer you 'Digitotality' is a fantastic song.

There are definitely elements that could use some work in terms of timing and vocals as it can be seen as irritating in areas but it's certainly got it's elements that fans would love.

Exorcizphobia never fail to surprise bringing in the fast paced thrash and maintaining elements of the old school. "Digitotality" is the newest entry into Exorcizphobia's catalogue of albums and it definitely stands out as a mega fun, dread-filled album.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Desires Of The Flesh
2. Corporate Dance
3. Digitotality
4. Profit At All Cost
5. Correct Opinions
6. Ancient Deception
7. Oumuamua
8. Perception Is The Key