Expulsion - Nightmare Future

Ok, where do I even fucking begin? The awesome old school black n white cover? The guys playin here or the music itself? Ok let's start over and the info will be given to you on need to know basis. Supposing that you do not know what to expect out of it, once you push the play button, a fat and grungy bass guitar sound will grab you by the nuts and 'Total Human Genocide' will finish you off. Terrorizer meets Brutal Truth and maaaaybe a small pinch of the Autopsy primitiveness. Basic grind riffing played with passion tied cohesively with the bass bulldozer by a ferocious skin beater. Blast beats, thrash tempos and typical 4/4 hardcore beats cover the range of his arsenal. All of them used wisely create a grind chaos unmatched.

Songs proceed and it gets obvious that this EP is live material and in particular, circle pit material. It kind of reeks old school but on the same time it has a cool breeze of freshness enlisting it among the top 10 of 2017 immediately. The vocals are simply perfect. Ghoulish growls fill the songs whenever and wherever needed, adding the proper old school vibes to the music and of course equipping each song with the proper flow. 'Funeral Bells', 'Compulsions', 'Comatose' and after 7 songs and 13 minutes this EP comes to an end only for us to roll it over again.

Nothing is random here and nothing happened by accident. These fine gentlemen are all hardboiled veterans of the scene, each one having tons of medals in his agenda. Mr. Matt Olivo, playing on mighty Repulsion, mr. Matt Harvey of Exhumed, mr. Danny Walker of Phobia and mr. Menno Verbaten of Lightning Swords Of Death are the four exquisite gentlemen forming Expulsion. Heavy names man and they truly nailed this one. It will haunt your sound system for months till it comes out. Really doubt though there will be something out there as old school as this one and on the same time stayin fresh and up to date.

  1. Total Human Genocide
  2. Altar Of Slaughter
  3. Mask Of Fear
  4. Nightmare Future
  5. Funeral Bells
  6. Compulsions
  7. Comatose

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 22, 2017

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