Expulsion - Wasteworld

Now this is cool CD! An absolute belter in fact! Expulsion are a fairly new band on the scene hailing from Groningen, Holland. Classing themselves as a blend of black and death metal but not only is it this, its intense and to these ears I hear a nice blend of Possessed and Ripping Corpse and to an extent, Death. The CD not only is fast and heavy but its quite intricate in places but without losing the intensity or pace, certainly to me an art in itself but Expulsion do this well. Each song is delivered with absolute crushing intensity. Though there is enough black metal to satisfy even the most die hard of fans. This CD has to be heard because each track pounds the senses.

I look forward to checking these guys more so in the future. I gotta say on a final note that the Jon Zig art is awesome though its very similar in styles to that of none other than the mighty, Dan Seagrave, but thats no bad thing. Check it out!

1. Avidya
2. Land Of Empty Graves
3. Necronimicon
4. End Of Days
5. Martyr
6. Messianic Shadows
7. Promise Never Made
8. Police State Tranquility
9. Wasteworld (instrumental)
10. Spirit Emission
11. Avidya Li
12. Re-examination

Deepsend Records
Reviewer: Connor
Dec 28, 2009

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