Extended Putrefaction - 5th Stage Of Death

Creepy samples taken from the hit comedy-horror Slither begin the introduction to Kansas' latest brutal slamming death metal newcomer, Extended Putrefaction. If you enjoy your slam with some of it's more retro format then this here is for you. Five tracks in fifteen minutes of pure, unrelenting brutality at it's most honest ferocity.

'Dismembered By Guttural Slammoids' is as over-the-top as the title suggests, and if you're on the prowl for a snare drum that's uglier than St. Anger you've certainly come to the right place. The vocals consist of ultra-guttural lows and often pig/frog/burp sounds...but if you're familiar with the genre this wouldn't come as a surprise to you, nor would it put you off. The final track on the EP is perhaps the most interesting of them all, generally escalating into a whirl of suspense as the riffs become thick as sludge, slowly devolving back to the primal age. Just when you think the track is over it blares right up again, but there's an atmospheric tension about it that just gobbles you up as the brutal vocals overlap the massive riff-vortex of the song. Who needs complexity when your riffs are this huge?

Whereas the modern slamming scene is fast becoming more focused on being technical and leaning towards brutal death, Extended Putrefaction have gone way back in time to produce some of the more barbaric caveman inspired slams, and with perhaps some of the slowest chunky riffs I've heard in a while. Whilst Extended Putrefaction offer very little in diversity for the genre or creativity, what they have constructed is simply monstrous and if you're going to play this style of simplified brutal metal then this is exactly what it needs to sound like. In conclusion, '5th Stage Of Death' is the perfect hymn for a torture dungeon nightmare, as the soundtrack is as repulsive and grotesque as they come.

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Post Intumescent
2. Bloodbath And Beyond
3. Dismembered By Guttural Slammoids
4. Exorcised And Pulverized
5. 5Th Stage Of Death (Outro)