Exterminated - The Genesis Of Genocide

Exterminated’s new release, “The Genesis Of Genocide”, contains 9 tracks that have all of the elements of brutal death metal greatness, yet they have the vibe that takes you back to the late 90’s with a steady flow of old school style riffage that are reminiscent of albums such as Baphomet “The Dead Shall Inherit”, Gorguts “Erosion Of Sanity”, and early Internal Bleeding. There seems to be a technical element to the music, mostly in the timing of the drums followed closely by the tight precision of the riffs. This is almost overshadowed by the awesome brutality of the music, but somewhere a balance is found, and the finished product is one intended to devastate. Others should take note here. While there is a technical element to keep the gears churning, you cannot deny the “in your face” approach to these songs. The production is top notch here too. A nice penetrating ooze of old school inspired death metal is what Exterminated present here.

There is one thing about this album that strikes me as odd. From my perspective it almost sounds like a lot of these songs could have a progressive edge to them. It’s something about the way these tracks “flow”. In playing this type of music you really don’t want to consider progressiveness too much in order to keep the deep guttural and menacing brutality first and foremost in your mind. That’s not to say a little progressiveness wouldn’t hurt, but when you project a certain ideology or visual context in the lyrics or artwork, I would think you need a certain cohesion between those things and the music. Exterminated do this quite while at the same time, using the smallest of vibes and influences to keep you listening. The vocals are fairly typical for the music played, but it needs to be said that Mike Pardo has the best growls I have heard in a long time.

There’s little variation in the range but they are still quite powerful. If I had to compare them, I would say they are a mix of Internal Bleeding “Invocation Of Evil”, and Cannibal Corpse “Tomb Of The Mutilated”. Or you might say similar to the vocals from Twitch of the Death Nerve with a slight difference. Much respect given to Ace Estandian for handling guitars and drum programming on this release. Everything was on point and well-orchestrated. If you’re a death metal fan I highly recommend this. This is what true death metal sounds like. Exterminated nailed it here. Contact the band or Comatose Music for info on adding “The Genesis Of Genocide” to your collection.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Systematic Holocaust
2. Impulsive Decimation
3. Detrimentum
4. Murderous Intent
5. Grave For The Slaughtered
6. Inevitable Annihilation
7. Chaotic Dimension Of The Insane
8. Abyss Of The Dead
9. The Art Of Mutilation