Exultet - Urbs Felix

Exultet is a project from Farz from Palermo, Italy. Started as a solo project in 2003 but on this demo he got the help from a real drummer. When you see the artwork, songtitles you can get an idea what they do. Exultet brings tribute to the Sicilian history. Maybe that why you can call this folk metal. De midtempo songs are very keyboard orientated and uses a lot of samples. He could have used more of a dark guitarsound and not only in the uptempo parts. Tracks are of long duration and loose attention once in a while. Maybe next time shorter songs with more extreme varations? The soundquality could have been better, but it is a demo to keep in mind.

I. Intro – Saracen Raids
II. Last Soul of the Moslem Resistence
III. The Norman Ascent – Part I
IV. The Norman Ascent – Part II
V. Un Habir vs Lion’Erd
VI. Arabic Dance
VII. January 1072
VIII. Urbs Felix – Outro
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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