Exuviated - Morpheus Orphan

Exuviated are five guys from the small land of Luxembourg who present to the world their debut full-length album "Morpheus Orphan". That's their first full-length release which comes after the EP "An Era's Condemned" from 2009. "Morpheus Orphan" offers eigth tracks of decent death metal with melodic edge. Exuviated's influences come from bands like old In Flames,Dark Tranquility,At The Gates,etc. so they have taken many elements from the famous Gothenburg sound. Jean-Philippe Sonnet's vocals are quite good deep roars that get in fine contrast with the overall melodic stuff. The other guys in the band also know what to do with their instruments and the musicianship is on a high level. The problem with album like "Morpheus Orphan" is that there isn't one song that really can stand out. Sure Exuviated know how to put some good melodic death metal on the table but we have heard all this before. Having in mind that this is their first CD though I'm pretty optimistic about the future of Exuviated. This band definitely has potential and may become a known name in the extreme metal scene if they keep developing their style.


1. Morpheus Orphan
2. Love Storming
3. Cross Out My Name
4. Gliding Across The Underworld
5. Crippled
6. His Mind Is Mine
7. Aeon Desire
8. When Sleeplessness Kills
Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Apr 13, 2012

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