Eyehategod - Eyehategod

It’s been fourteen long years since their last full length album, Confederacy of Ruined Lives, and in between then and now you will find that the members of Eyehategod have been rather busy. With their numerous high profile side projects (Down, Soilent Green, Corrections House, Outlaw Order and Superjoint Ritual to name a few), a well publicized stay in jail that also doubled as drug rehab of sorts and even their most recent set back, the death of longtime drummer Joey LaCaze in 2013 to respiratory failure. Yet, through it all they have persevered and triumphantly come through it all on top and stronger than they have ever been throughout their entire twenty-six year lifespan.

Proof of this strength and perseverance comes to us in the form of their brand new full length self-titled album, Eyehategod. Eyehategod is eleven tracks worth of that grisly, grimy but oh so catchy NOLA sludge that they themselves are credited as creating and in turn perfecting. Fourteen years since their last and there is no extravagant change in styles, there is no major experimentation, just that thick ass sludge and muck that we all know, love and easily recognize as the real deal Eyehategod. They make no apologies and have no qualms, they just do what they do best, being who they truly are, and do it better than any of the rest.

Now, their almighty classic second album, Dopesick, may be heralded as the tried and true pinnacle of sludge, period, but Eyehategod here is easily the next best thing. With the same in your face attitude and NOLA thick style combined with the best production of their career, they have created a true masterpiece of pure sludge tastiness for the modern age. The guitars are up front and clear while still containing their signature bite and snarl, the bass thumps and grinds away more audibly than ever, the vocals are crisp and as clear as they can be and the drums pound away with a rumble that is felt like never before.

Speaking of those drums, the musical world may have lost the great talent of Joey LaCaze but Eyehategod were able to master and use his final performances for this monster of an album. Almost as if an epitaph to their fallen brother in arms. Truly another testament to this strength and vitality that Eyehategod have come to bear throughout the years. Aaron Hill may man the drum throne for them now but the spirit of LaCaze lives on and is passed on to us here with his soul satisfying and outstanding final performance.

In the end this is an Eyehategod album and by now the style may not be anything new to any one of you out there but when the masters and originators put out an album that is this damn good you should all stand, recognize and show some respect. Thank you Eyehategod, thank you for once again showing us how it should be done.

1. Agitation! Propaganda!
2. Trying To Crack The Hard Dollar
3. Parish Motel Sickness
4. Quitter's Offensive
5. Nobody Told Me
6. Worthless Rescue
7. Framed To The Wall
8. Robitussin And Rejection
9. Flags And Cities Bound
10. Medicine Noose
11. The Age Of Bootcamp