F.T.W. Boogie Machine - Feeding The Jinx

F.T.W. Boogie Machine (Mr Heikkinen (guitars & voice), Ykä The Beast (drums), Tökä (bass), Mr. Hedgehog Hentilä (guitars & voice)) is a rock'n'roll maniac with a very large history and impressive members, there is a long trail of bands behind history of them, and in this work there is much traditional push the old school and a lot of attitude that consists what they are, and once again they are providing a solid work for all followers from rock'n'roll hell, and that's undoubtedly insatiable for fans of full bases from rock'n'roll really very nice to pure alcohol, for many people this is pure passion day after day!

Its music transcends of pioneering influences, but as they are also obviously, this album is valued indescribably. Is full of dense and intense riffs dirty, it is your formula for every song on the album, and is particularly a constant chemical rock and fluid out of his fucking awesome attitude that goes around the entire album as much gasoline. That's eternal in them, is certainly one more amazing rock'n'roll work from the hands veterans that have clear.

Considering all this, I must say this is good work with very ambitious songs and I'm not disappointed with this album, I think they make good music with guitars expressing dynamics and rhythm, the voice is all an outcome that convinces me, and to hear repeatedly lets me rock with that substance in the blood for a long time because it has the addictive ingredient talented from an album in that facet. In general and completely, I think that they will cling to traditional public, but this is awesome and very good…! 

But there is another very important point in this album and really crucial, and if I'm not wrong about this information, really impress me much. To which I refer is that this album was recorded LIVE and the sound is brilliant alternated to aspect of sound quality dirty that is very classic and prolix and makes it even more interesting!

 And to define only one thing left for me to reflect: it reflects that they are a live band that continuously doing things for you to enjoy good shows!


  1. Give Them Hell
  2. Hellion Breed
  3. Hot Wheels Cold Steel
  4. Feeding the Jinx
  5. All Downhill
  6. Do You Want It All
  7. Too Drunk To Fock