F.U.B.A.R. - Lead Us To War

F.U.B.A.R. is back with a new release, Lead Us To War, and it is an all out grindcore assault, barely pausing to address the wounded or the dead. The majority of the album has an average song time clocking in around one minute with the relatively long anthem of the title track that runs for over four minutes. This album is an exercise in fury and aggression, raw and unfiltered. That is wonderfully refreshing and a little tragic. It is a negative in that it’s difficult to get into some tracks when things are slightly off beat, if you are looking for some things to sync up when it comes to pace and rhythm.  It’s quite amazing when you try to process all the frantic activity going on at once.

This is not a refined album by any means, as there are other bands out there in the genre that deliver more focused sonic attacks, but F.U.B.A.R. does a fantastic job in not creating the dam, but blowing a hole in the reservoir and flooding the listener fast and overwhelmingly. That said, the album works in small doses, but trying to sit through the entirety of the album may be a bit trying for those with lesser attention spans.


1. Everything Is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition 
2. The Demon Rose From Greed
3. Grief
4. I Scream Protest!
5. Beasts As They Are
6. Requiem For Peace 
7. Dysfunctional Parts of The Machine
8. The Iron Cage of Hope
9. Let Them Control 
10. Communication Into Nothing
11. Lead Us to War
12. Worst Unfolding Tragedy
13. The Curse Is Upon Us
14. The Burden On The Back of the Unknown Man
15. The Nail Facing Downwards
16. Flip The Coin
17. Doomsday has Crossed The Horizon
18. Misplaced Faith 
19. Damage Control 
20. The Doom Tornado 
21. Scaring The Monsters 
22. The Sting of Our Collective Conscience