Facebreaker - Dead Rotten And Hungry

Facebreaker is a Swedish band formed in 1999 with the aim to play straight ahead old school death metal. Think of bands like Grave, Entombed or Dismember and you are half way. On this second full length you can hear 11 tracks in a hard punching style with a switch from mid paced to fast paced. In the mid tempo they are not so strong as their power lies in the fast parts. The vocals are deep growling and sounding very strong. Anothe strong point are the guitar solos, furious and creative. Count with that the melody and grooves and you have a nice album. They play old school so don't expect any form of new born ideas but Facebreaker manages to play solid, hard and full in your face.

1. slowly rotting
2. dead rotten and hungry
3. night of the burning dead
4. the awakening
5. walking dead
6. burner
7. consumed
8. unanimated flesh
9. unlock the horror
10. soul eater
11. devoured by decay
Pulverised Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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