Faceless Burial - Speciation

Well, FUCK! I was stoked on Faceless Burial's first LP, "Grotesque Miscreation". Then word gets out they had a 2nd LP coming up. A track gets released and everyone in my circle, including myself, were fucking blown. This Aussie trio may have just dropped 2020's AOTY. So, let's get on it.

6 songs in total. Just clocking in 38 minutes, "Speciation" is pure gold. "Grotesque Miscreation" was sick and I have nothing bad to say about it, but damn, I consider "Speciation" a giant leap. It's a perfect album. Note: single kick death metal!!!! Only others that come to mind (I'm sure there's more) are Edge Of Sanity and Mammoth Grinder. Another thing that comes to mind is that sticker on Dark Angel's "Time Does Not Heal" saying "9 songs 67 minutes, 246 riffs!". Not saying that was Dark Angel's goal or FB's, but man there's a fuckload of riffs on this LP. ALL of them have weight and purpose.

This album is brutal, heavy, fast, blasty, slow, groove-esque and tosses in some melodic passages. It has sick tempo changes, riffs after riff after riff. It keeps you guessing but is so cohesive. It's masterful song writing. It, in a way, reminds me of Oppressor. Maybe the tech element or pick squeals/pinch harmonics. The guitar tone is magical. Everything they do is tasteful. They have the ability to just throw tech at you for the entire LP, but they put in those beefy riffs that just pound then toss is some virtuoso shit that is mind blowing. An outright beautiful performance. I would love to see this live.

I can't even do a song by song review. That would take hours to read. From the beginning - 'Worship' to the end - 'Ravished To The Unknown', Faceless Burial unleash an album that will age well and will never get old. This will please old DM as well as younger fans. If you're into old Immolation, Oppressor and maybe even some Necrophagist, you better jump on this if you already haven't.

Stand out songs: 1-6

4.75 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Worship
2. Limbic Infirmary
3. Irreparably Corpsed
4. Speciation
5. Spuming Catarrhal Gruel
6. Ravished To The Unknown