Faeces - Upstream

Labelled and starting life as a brutal death/grindcore Faeces from Poland and are essentially Athiest inspired jazz/prog death metal; this is rather a strange direction to get your head around, but this is really down to the fretless bass being rather loud in the mix. ‘Revolution Is Now’ is a combination of finger shredding fretboard work and jazz cafe coolness, and thus remains the basis of the songs on offer on ‘Upstream’. ‘Perfectly Indifferent’ describes the feel of the album, plenty of shredding, rakes, and harmonics, jazzed up with some obscure arrangements. Nothing is actually wrong with this, its eccentric, clever, but I feel its trying to be so all the time. I do prefer things a little bit more “meat and potatoes”. Just as you make a connection to some sections of the music, you get lost again with no sense of belonging before Faeces are going off onto another tangent.

Musically, this is exceptionally clever and intuitive, it would warrant a higher ranking if not for the fact if its loss of soul in certain places, by that I mean consistency, but it does have some out of the box cool musical ideas. But if this is entertaining just depends on your level of concentration.

  1. Red Sun Empire
  2. Revolution Is Now
  3. Upstream
  4. Probe In Ass
  5. Absolute
  6. Spiritual Dimension Of Defecation
  7. Springtime
  8. Holocaust
  9. Ignorance

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 16, 2011

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