Fake Idyll - The Rapist

This German death metal project (called this because of the number of vocalists to musicians) have releaed their debut album. With members from band such as Rigor Mortis, Fleshrot and Wickedness, the calibre and past of these musicians makes this an album to look forward to.

Going into deeper death metal, the vocals swing between light growling and grumbling lyrcis that flow effortlessly from the vocalist, backed by the introduction of quotes from other songs/films, etc. The very confusing songs are made even more so by the mixture of guitar and drum work on each of them, there is no real constant except in the vocals battling each other, from the darker to the lighter, taking each part as if in a battle for the listener.

However, this distracting constant juxtaposition works in regards to the songs’ content. This can vary from song to song, using a near-acoustic chorus in conjunction with the deep growling, to the electronica against the metal. This album is a pure battle, in which no-one wins and there is never a clear leader. It’s also a battle between English and German lyrics and styles of music.

But there is something about this album that is slightly scary. It’s almost like if you got caught listening to this it would be similar to getting caught watching porn. This is an album of dirty pleasures and twisted points of view, and it sounds like what sometimes might be going on inside a madman’s head with the constant battle for dominance, which in a way ruins the album with its inconsistency throughout.

  1. The Rapist (Gets All The Girls) 
  2. Dead Cow Pizza
  3. Schlangenmilch
  4. Urschmerz
  5. Supreligious
  6. American Daze/German Nights
  7. Bekifft in Deutschland
  8. Mono
  9. The Rapist (karaoke version)
  10. Dead Cow Pizza (karaoke version)
  11. Schlangenmilch (karaoke version)
  12. Supreligious (karaoke version)

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 2, 2012

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