Fallen Angels - World In Decay

From Seattle, Washington, this US Thrash metal monster is a new find for me. A young band, now into their third full length album, yes, this hits the spot from the very start. Of you are looking for a band that takes influences from all your favourites of your youth, then head to these Fallen Angels.

There’s a touch of Metallica pre-commercial breakdown, Metal Church and a riff or two from Anthrax’s ‘State of Euphoria’ release - check out ‘Forsaken Existence’ then compare to the chorus of ‘Be All, End All’. Nice! The more modern flavours include the artistry comparable to Annihilator with Fallen Angels arrangements, especially the opener ‘The Hammer Blow’, being very precise and busy and very entertaining. ‘The Hour of the Time’ is another track that actually takes me to the UK scene of the 80’s, Xentrix and D.A.M. feature for me as an influence, it’s a touch rawer, gritty and determined. The holy crown of this release releases has to be ‘Mortis Ex Machina’ for me. This is a wonderful piece of thrash that does so much in so little time. If you couple this with the tremendous production of the recording, you have a damn fine release indeed.

The vocals are familiar, the style familiar, these are a household name right? Unfortunately not, but they should be with such quality displayed on this album. Check out ‘World In Decay’, it’s an awesome thrash monster that does so much more than be just another retro tagged cd, far from it, this has purpose, this band have a bright future.

  1. The Hammers Blow  
  2. Nightmare 
  3. Forsaken Existence  
  4. Leading The Blind  
  5. Fire At Eden's Gate  
  6. Into The Abyss  
  7. The Hour Of The Time  
  8. Mortis Ex Machina  
  9. Untitled